MBA026 Colon Snake

Colon snake deep colon cleansing hose 36 INCH. Quality enema and douche equipment. Satet.

Colon Snake 1 INCH

Item #: MBA026

Product Review
Stating that these colon snakes are large is an understatement. The Snake is over half a KG and the Colonaconda weighs over a KG. They are brilliant. This is a quality product and we totally recommend them. They smell great, they feel great and they do exactly what you’d expect plus more. Now in saying that, please treat them carefully and store them away from light or moisture. They should have their own bag. A friend of mine dropped in and flung one of these over her shoulder (stupid move) as it snapped. Keep in mind that the centre hole through this rubber is not cut out to cope with that kind of treatment… gentle is key.

Creative Mouldings went through a period where there were a few issues with the rubber, and the centre hole wasn’t exactly centred which caused the snakes at that time to be prone to snaps, but all seems back on track now. If you ever have a problem with these PLEASE let us know immediately. Review by Satet.

Manufacturer’s Review
The 1” version is the Colon Snake (Colon Clean): 1 inch in diameter and 36 inches long piece of shear snaking pleasure. Whether you’re a high end player and want to work it all the way up or a low end pleasure taker, this snake will wriggle and flop around inside of you reaching the places that only a dildo can dream of. The unique feature of this wriggler is that it has a tube running through its length so you can add a funnel (not included), attach it to an enema bag – or simply blow air through it to create whatever effect you want!! It also helps relieve high level gas that builds up after long periods of play.


Brand: Creative Mouldings

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