Boy Butter H2O Extreme Desensitising 16oz Tub WATER BASED

Boy Butter H2O Extreme Desensitising 16oz Tub WATER BASED

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Product Review
Boy Butter H2O Extreme Desensitising 16oz/454g Tub WATER BASED. Quickly becoming one of our most popular lubes, if you haven’t used lube with Benzocaine in it before, this article I wrote will explain how it works “Benzocaine”. Review by Satet.

Manufacturer’s Review
“Farm fresh and simply fistacular……..for the greediest among us!”

Boy Butter is one of a kind because of its slippery silicone lube-like qualities that are great for dildo users and fisters, plus it’s really easy to wash-off with water alone. However, we receive e-mail upon e-mail from sex fanatics in our client ring asking us for a thick lube that makes the receiver a little less sensitive and that’s condom compatible. So here it is guys, Boy Butter Extreme H2O.

Specially made for hungry holes that desperately want to stretch. With its slight desensitising effect, Boy Butter Extreme takes the receiver way over their normal limits. You could park a car up there without him even twitching!

Boy Butter Extreme H2O is a fantastic thick water-based lube safe for use with condoms. Unique and simply the BEST lube for condom users. If you’re over-sensitive, or cum too quickly, here’s a tip: smear a little Boy Butter Extreme H2O on your cock before you slap on your condom and give your partner the ride of his life!

BOY BUTTER EXTREME H2O a is a totally water based creamy desensitising lubricant that contains 7.5% Benzocaine, a topical anaesthetic. Boy Butter Extreme H20 is latex safe, vaginally safe and feels and acts exactly like the Boy Butter H2o formula but has the added desensitiser. Boy Butter Extreme H20, increases comfort associated with penetration and can reduce ill effects of premature ejaculation. Our tag line for Boy Butter Extreme H20 is “Takes the Fussy out of your bottom.” and lives up to its name.

16oz: This is boy butter’s largest sized tub of lube…16oz (roughly 470 ml). Bear in mind, that if your using this product for fisting, you risk contaminating the remainder of the product when reaching in to grab more. We therefore advise you to remove the desired amount before use, or to discard any remaining lube once you’re done.

Brand: Boy Butter

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