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Colt Camouflage Thigh Cuff Sex Sling for BDSM Review

The Camouflage Thigh Cuff Sex Sling is a recent product by Colt, which is a famous brand for making high-quality BDSM toys and tools. A thigh sling is used to hold your thighs with the help of two adjustable straps that go around your thighs. Then both the straps are attached to a longer adjustable strap that you wear on your neck. It holds you on a missionary position with the straps supporting your thighs and neck. It is an effective product for lazy sex when you are too tired to keep your knees up. It is a simple product that can be really effective and fun during a perfect BDSM experience.

The camouflage thigh sling is a part of a collective range designed by Colt. It can be used with several other Colt camouflage products to compliment each other. You can purchase a collar and a leash with the set that will help in enhancing your fun.


The camouflage thigh cuff sex sling is a portable, lightweight, and durable product that comes with a camo drawstring pouch. It makes it easy for couples to enjoy carrying it anywhere they want. The sling has a higher chance of getting tangled up without the pouch, which will affect its looks and durability. Its unique camouflage design makes it easy to get distinguished from your other BDSM toys. You can pull out the pouch easily without having to untangle the sling from other items in the bag.


The camouflage thigh cuff sex sling by Colt is made with high quality and sturdy cotton webbing. It also contains polyurethane and nylon fittings that make it strong to undertake pressure. The build quality for the sling is up to the standards of a pricey BDSM product, and the finishing is also satisfying. It has a special military-style camo look, which makes it even hot for couples.

The thigh slings are capable of holding thighs of up to 34” in circumference, and the neck support sling can extend up to 50.5”. The thigh loops come with adjustable buckles, which can help you adjust the area of the sling to fit the thigh properly. Each sling has a padded leg and neck protector to avoid any pressure or rashes on the body. The slings can move around and slid over your body easily and do not cause any frictional damage in sudden movements.


This thigh cuff sex sling is easy to use for beginners and advance BDSM practitioners. Its adjustable straps make it more convenient for couples to adjust their comfort levels for a quality time. The padding for both thighs and neck make it comfortable for the users to wear it without feeling any pressure to hold a position. It is best for slow sex sessions where the partners can keep their better half in the same positions for longer without tiring them. You can purchase all Colt products from their official website or visit an online sex toy shop to check its availability.